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Culture Wise aims to promote a better understanding between Asia and Australia. We do this through cooking classes, menu and ingredients information and presentations of cultural diversity.

Razmi Wahab Finn started Culture Wise to encourage interactions between cultures and what better way to do this than through food. Culture Wise cooking classes do more than cook to a recipe. A session finishes with tasting and chatting and the sharing of ideas.

Razmi was a teacher, a librarian and a public servant and a writer but bringing up four children inevitably takes her focus to food. Preparing meals in a household of cross cultures can never be dull and the queries she had received over the years led her to giving cooking lessons. With ingredients from the four corners of the world being so readily available creating new dishes from old recipes can be a challenge

Razmi welcomes enquiries, about classes, menus, fund raising events or celebrating with cooking. Culture Wise products are halal. Click here for more information on cooking classes, including prices, dates and a brief summary of menus

Razmi demonstrating in her kitchen Razmi demonstrating in her kitchen